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Everybody loves an investment option that brings them a regular passive income. Be it as interests or dividends or profits, the idea of extra and secured earnings is always attractive. In crypto before the concept of masternode hosting was introduced, making money through cryptocurrencies required holding the assets and hoping for the prices to go up. While it seemed lucrative, it was also a great risk taking into consideration that the prices may fall or the coin may fail. However, with masternode hosting, regular stable cryptocurrency returns are now a possibility though that does not guarantee the price value of any coin as there are other factors that may affect the real value.

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Though masternodes have come a long way in the crypto space, tracking the profit and loss is complicated and is not easy for investors. We at Profit Base have created a solution for you. Now you can track your masternode investments in real time and understand their value and growth in our one integrated web platform.

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With exchange price API integration and coin ROI statistics, PBC web platform allows you to view Market Price +/-, Sold coins ROI, Total Investment ROI, Total Profit, Masternode Worth and Market Price ROI.

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Additionally, PBC platform comes with a Portfolio follower where, as a premium subscriber, you can view the top trending user portfolios with good profit records and follow their portfolio activity for your investments.

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Center software

The top 5 portfolios (based on their profits) are selected automatically by our software. The top 5 portfolios receive revenue from their followers on our platform. As a user this feature allows you to make more secured profit in the masternode space by following the leaders and in return you will be sharing a marginal share from the profits you make with them towards the usage of their expertise.

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My Portfolio vs Top Portfolio

Do you want to know how you are fairing in this current crypto space? What are the TOP investors doing different? PBC platform enables you with a feature where you can compare your portfolio against the Top investment profit making portfolios. You can even follow them for a profit share on your returns. If you are not confident or a new investor, this feature allows you to make more secured profit by following the leaders. Incentivize your Expertise

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Perfect for Operations

Are you a confident investor and a pro with your crypto portfolio? Here is a chance to be recognized for your cutting edge investment skills. Our algorithms are designed to recognize your skills and select you as one of the Top 5 Portfolio Leaders. Once you are selected as a Leader, others are allowed to follow your investment and share a percentage of their profits with you. We at PBC encourage you to build and spread your portfolio range so that you become a market leader and earn passively through your followers other than your own masternode returns.

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Increase the Profit Of Work

If you are a leader you are thus incentivized by your followers for sharing your knowledge and hence creating a very transparent and open community of masternode investors that grow together.

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The PBC Coin is a PoS MN coin built on Quark algorithm with 80% masternode and 20% staking rewards. The coin will be listed and available on CryptoBridge for trading and exchange. Like any other PoS coin built on Quark, secured and anonymous superfast transactions are the main features of PBC. You can either host a masternode or simply stake PBC in your wallet for growth for speculative returns or for personal use in the PBC Platform.

Coin Name : Profitbase Ticker : PBC Algorithm : Quark Masternode Collateral : 1,000 PBC Marternode Share : 80% PoS Share : 20% Block Time : 60 Seconds Maturity Time : 60 Minutes Max Supply : 15,000,000 PBC Premine : 300,000 PBC (2%)
Coin Name: Profitbase
Ticker: PBC
Algorithm: Quark
Masternode Collateral: 1,000 PBC
Marternode Share: 80%
PoS Share: 20%
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Maturity Time: 60 Minutes
Max Supply: 15,000,000 PBC
Premine: 300,000 PBC (2%)

ProfitBaseCoin Rewards

Phase Block Reward Per Block MN Reward Staking Reward
1 201-10000 0.65 80% 20%
2 10001-20000 1.25 80% 20%
3 20001-30000 1.9 80% 20%
4 30001-40000 2.7 80% 20%
5 40001-50000 3.5 80% 20%
6 50001-60000 4.3 80% 20%
7 60001-70000 5 80% 20%
8 70001-80000 5.55 80% 20%
9 80001-90000 6.2 80% 20%
10 90001-100000 7 80% 20%
11 100001-110000 7.5 80% 20%
12 110001-120000 8.15 80% 20%
13 120001-130000 8.7 80% 20%
14 130001-140000 9.45 80% 20%

Social Media and Developer Platforms

ProfitBase coin is the primary payment option for subscriptions and advertising on our PBC Platform. If you are a developer looking to promote your masternode presale or create awareness among our Profitbase platform users through banners and display advertisements in our platform pages, PBC will be the core currency you will need to make payments for your advertising campaigns. PBC Coin will be not only the core currency used for payments towards advertisements of other coins but also for accessing the full features of the paid subscriptions. More usage of the coin in the platform will be incorporated as we progress with time.









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